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Spring plans

Bemer released the neck attachment in the fall and I was finally able to order it! Slight design flaw, they didn't factor in horses wearing the blanket in their stalls but a little ingenuity solved the problem. Ever since we moved into Wellspring, Rossi has done really well with getting his therapy and getting tacked up while in his stall because he can eat his hay freely. It has made a noticeable difference in his attitude! Wellspring is amazing when it comes to hay for the horses. Rarely will you find a horse without any hay in their stalls. Now with the neck piece and the new lavendar balm I have been using, he's been really good.

We are members of the Hungarian Horse Association of America and they participate in the USDF All Breeds program. I was originally planning to try to place at Second Level this year. Now that I am refocusing to preparing for the TD certification, I think we are going to just have a relaxed show season this year. We will still go to a few rated shows but my focus is on having fun and good experiences. Our big goal for 2024 is still to crack 60% at 3.1 by the end of the year at a schooling show, but other than that we are just going to see what happens.

My hotel is booked for Lexington and currently flight prices are OUTRAGEOUS so I am planning to drive down. The hotel will be about $250 for the two nights which isn't too bad.

Here is my TD checklist! I will update posts with my progress as I continue on this journey.

Wish me luck!

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