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Moving forward

The benefit of not focusing on having to prep for a show season this year is that we have taken a massive step back from riding, goals, and just the overall pressure of being able to do "more". I have even been out much this month because of work and the weather. I didn't think he would care, but I went out today to drop off his Smartpaks and he was so happy to see me. He immediately put his head out to greet me when I got to his stall. He did his right and neck stretches just fine but he avoided his left stretches by redirecting to his salt block. Before he would toss his hind end at me and circle the stall around me aggressively to try to get me to do something else, so this is much better and I just wait for him to come to me when he's ready to try. It takes a little longer but it gets a better result and then he gains the confidence that he can actually do the stretches without anything happening.

I hope that going through the TD program will give me more opportunities to meet new trainers from all over the country that will have tips to help me continue to help him.

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