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SLM 4/27 Show Manager recap

Show season has begun!!! Yesterday was my first day managing a rated show. I learned a lot and it was great experiencing the show from behind the scenes. There is a lot that management has to make sure is in order prior to riders receiving their numbers and during the day we keep track of how the judge(s) are doing and check on how things are going throughout the show. USEF/USDF require show management to create an isolation plan in case there is a potential outbreak to make sure any potential spread is contained quickly. We check to make sure the arenas are all in good shape especially when we have a long show like yesterday. There were over 60 rides from Grand Prix to Training Level. We did end up running 3 rides behind and ended the day later than expected but everyone was easy to work with.

I loved getting to see my SLM family! I’ll be working as show secretary at the next SLM show on May 11th and then I’ll be the scorer for the Sunday show at the NJHP Memorial Day show.

I am trying back shoes on Rossi again to see if he will keep them on and if he does, I am hoping we will be able to come up for the June show to try 3.1!

Thank you Steph & Ellen for all your support to get my requirements completed this year! See you in a few weeks!

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