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Spring is here!

Daylights Savings is tomorrow and finally the winter blues will be OVER!! I don't have words on how excited I am.

TD update - I got my clinic requirements reversed so I don't have to go to KY in April. I will be checking in with our show manager to see what shows this season I can work with her on that way I can decide which rated shows I will do this year.

We had a nice ride yesterday working on him releasing the tension he's still holding in his body and not rushing into another gait because he's bored or avoiding the task at hand. At the end he was finally much more fluid through his shoulders and swinging in his back. I think a easy show year will do us both a lot of good. I am going to ask the farrier to put hind shoes on him next cycle. At SLM he was losing shoes like it was his job, but so far since moving in November he has only lost 1 shoe and it was during a week of a lot of rain and mud when he was due to be redone. I think we may have luck this time with him keeping the back shoes on and getting that tiny bit of extra help his hind end needs. I will be scheduling his hocks to get done before we really start getting back to it and then it's going to be a fun summer with Rossi & Tank.

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