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About Me

I have been riding for over a decade. I started riding Western at RU, tried H/J when I was riding at A&E Show Stables, and found my love for dressage through trying other disciplines. I was training at SLM Dressage for the past 8 years until I recently relocated to Delaware for work. Rossi and I are now at Wellspring Farm where we are transitioning into a more relaxed riding relationship. My goal for this year is to crack 60% at 3.1 in a schooling show and finish my Second Level Rider Achievement Award with USDF. I am focusing primarily on completing my eligibility requirements for the TD application so I likely won't be showing much this year. I hope to find a schoolmaster one day that can help me complete my Bronze medal and work towards my Silver. 

I am a participating member in the following equestrian organizations:

  • United States Dressage Federation

  • United States Equestrian Federation

  • Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association

  • East Coast Regional Dressage Association

  • Hungarian Horse of America Association

  • Thoroughbred Incentive Program - Jockey Club of America 

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