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Another successful show day!

SLM Dressage May show was a great day! It started out a little chilly, but as the day went on we had great weather. Everyone stayed on, even during the spicier rides, and there were no major issues. We stayed fairly on time and I learned a ton from Ellen.

Competition management is responsible for submitting the show fees and results to USEF & USDF. The USEF show fees were over $1,000 and the USDF show fees were over $300!

I am learning so much about what goes on behind the scenes and I really like it. I am almost done with my prerequisites! I am going to be scoring at the Memorial Day show, stewarding the June SLM show and scribing the second SLM show.

The best part of the day was that the saddle fitter had her booth set up and I found another saddle brand to try for Rossi. This one isn’t show legal but it was so comfortable. I really like the smaller knee blocks now. I am hoping to bring Rossi up to SLM for the June schooling show because our favorite judge is scheduled for that day. I haven’t decided on if we’re commuting to 3.1 yet. That will depend on how the next 6 weeks go, but it would be the best time to give it another shot. My bestie gets married in a week 🥂and then Rossi is going into boot camp to get back into shape 🦄

I made a GoFundMe to try to fundraise for the upcoming travel for the clinics and out of state shows. The link is on the website 😊

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