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L program v TD program: The final decision

I decided to pursue the TD program rather than the L program because Rossi and I are not ready to show Third Level rated. The L program requires scores at Third level or high scores in Second level. This year will be focusing on relaxation and more positive show experiences. The TD program is a better fit for me and our lifestyle. I only know of one PoC TD who has graciously offered to mentor me during this journey. The road to becoming a TD will be king but it will be worth it. Shows are limited in how many times they can book a TD which makes the TD program both an educational and lucrative endeavor. This could potentially become a reliable secondary income if I pass.

I will be keeping track of the costs to help others have a clearer understanding about what the program takes.

Currently the costs of the program have been:

USEF partipicating membership renewal $90

USDF TD measurement clinic Lexington KY$200

Wish me luck!

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1 Comment

Can’t wait to follow you on this journey! I know you will be a great TD and the road there will be full of interesting and educational experiences! ❤️❤️ AG

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