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ESDCTA Memorial Weekend Dressage

Another prerequisite completed today at the ESDCTA Memorial Weekend Dressage show!! I got to experience my first Breed show and it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about the different classes available for young horses and ponies. It’s really interesting that even if there is just one horse in the class they will still advance through all the championship levels. I got to see some seriously cute weaklings and sassy yearlings. After the breed show, I went back to scoring for the Dressage classes. It was a long day but the weather held out and I got to see Steph & Bergamo compete. Successful day at NJHP!

I went home to drop off flowers that Lisa let me take and said hi to the home boys. Agapi looks really good now that he’s fully shed out and no longer looking homeless. They are living their best lives.

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