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Meet the Crew

Wizard Rock Farm is home to a collection of animals of all ages and sizes. Looking forward to expanding the herd in 2022 with a new ND kid and potentially a new competition horse.


Meet: Merlin

Merlin is a 1992 OTTB, Guinevere x Slew O' Gold, that I adopted from Wilson College when I graduated in 2015. He has experience in various disciplines including show jumping, eventing, and dressage. He was retired from the lesson program for being naughty, so when I adopted him he was labelled as dangerous. He never took a bad step with me and I rehabbed him back to showing in Dressage at training level and jumping small cross rails. We went to multiple shows and he built up my confidence riding. He earned the TIP High Point Award at two of our shows in Dressage and Hunters. He now lives his best life doing absolutely nothing. His favorite snacks are the puffy mints, so there is always a large container in the barn fridge for him.


Meet: Rocky

Rocky was my first dog. I adopted him when I was 16 from Noah's Ark Animal Shelter. He traveled up and down the East Coast with us and loved spending his days outside in the sun. He fought pulmonary cancer for 16 months before the cancer won. His ashes are on the mantle over the fireplace, so he is always home.
11/08/06 - 01/29/19


Meet: The Coopers

Anderson & Bradley Cooper are Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are almost 3 years old and are full of personality. I am hoping to complete the set with another baby ND next spring who will be named Sheldon. 


Meet: Felix

Felix is a permanent foster from Last Chance Rescue. He is around 10 years old and is Merlin's pasture buddy. Felix enjoys singing the song of his people in the mornings and playing with the Coopers when they wander into the pasture.


Meet: Saint

Saint is the newest WRF member. He was adopted from Philly Bully Team and is a recent tripod. He is already enamored with everyone, especially Merlin. He is a senior bully that needs to gain some weight and muscle back, but has already transitioned to three legs well.


Meet: Rossi

HS Wrosaletti "Rossi" is my current competition horse. He is a 2010 Hungarian Warmblood gelding by HS Warado. Rossi was my 2017 rehab project and I used our training program in my MBA thesis project in 2019. He had a chip removed from his left fetlock and a neuroma removed from his left hind leg. I did all his in-hand rehab work and then worked with my trainer when it was time for the under-saddle work. He currently lives at my trainers farm, SLM Dressage. We are 2/3 of the way done with our USDF Bronze Medal. This winter will be spent working on achieving quality clean flying changes in order to show at Third & Fourth Level in 2022. Some of my 2022 goals for Rossi include working towards our ECRDA gold, ESDCTA silver & gold, and finishing the USDF bronze.

Cali cat

Meet: Cali

Cali is our barn cat that was here when we moved in three years ago. She reigns supreme over all the farms on our road and frequently checks in on all our animals.

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